The journey towards success in our life begins with a single step, with the support and guidance of the family. We at Mentor a Child Foundation are hereby laying the foundation for students to excel and becoming successful in their future through mentorship and career development. We believe each and every child needs a mentor as a source of guidance and inspiration. Our Founder Sanusi benefited from the UK education system, where he had career exposure at Secondary School through a mandated two week work experience in grade 10.In addition, Sanusi also had a mentor at school, a teacher who had massive influence on his academic performance as well as exposing him to career options. According to Sanusi, UK education system has given his the opportunity to have first-hand experience, enabling him to understand the integral role of a mentor and their influence on students' academic excellence and career planning. Furthermore, he attended numerous summer schools and career events to give him real understanding of the career options. Therefore, We at MCF believe that every student needs to have a mentor to guide them into making informed decision about future career. It is known that behind every successful person is a role model whom they look up to and seek their opinions and advice whenever in doubt. With MCF, we can have positive impact on the life of many students who will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. A successful tomorrow requires making important decisions today. We are here to provide a platform for the leaders of tomorrow to make the best career choice through our mentorship and career development program. A dream is just a dream until one understands what it will take to realize it. We hope this foundation will help to produce the best doctors, lawyers, bankers, engineers, nurses and a skilled workforce from the Gambia to serve the needs of its people and excel in their careers abroad. Together, we can create a better world for the future generation by giving them the platform and resources required for their success.